Zurb Foundation 5 Quick Review


Two years ago, Zurb introduced Foundation and gave all User Interface Frameworks a solid contender. Fast forward to today, Foundation is hitting major version 5 and it is absolutely building up on its predecessor.

The key changes in the new release are:

Switching back to jQuery

jQuery has been quite popular when Foundation 4 came and switched from jQuery to Zepto. Despite Zepto being nimble, apparently not a lot of people liked the switch. It was definitely one extra library to load for a lot of jQuery fans.

Foundation 5 comes back with jQuery at the core again. So long Zepto.

Offcanvas Navigation

For a mobile-first framework, Foundation 4 lacked an easy way to build offcanvas menus. Foundation 5 comes with an easy to code, animated, right and left offcanvas menus.

Interchange now does HTML

Interchange is that cool JavaScript utility that made images responive. Good news is, it can now do the same with HTML partials. So much for cramming your HTML with a lot of DOM elements with hide-for-small and show-for-small, Interchange will take care of that. This would result in a smaller and faster to load HTML pages. Very sleek.

Medium Grid is here to stay

Remember the experimental Medium Grid? It is now fully supported and fully tested.

Dropping Heavyweights

Foundation 5 has dropped support for Internet Explorer 7 and 8, you might need to slow down with the upgrade if the majority of your users are using these old beasts.

Wrap up

With a much cooler default colors, going flat, smooth transitions in Joyride and fixing a lot of bugs, Zurb has made the already-cool framework even cooler.

The upgrade should be very smooth with the foundation-migrate plugin.

However, if you don't rely on JavaScript for intialization, the upgrade would be effortless.

For more details, hit the upgrade page for more details.